Here’s What Your Guest First Notices About Your Home

Here’s What Your Guest First Notices About Your Home

Anyone who entertains regularly will know that getting your house prepped for guests can be a daunting task. No matter how many hours you spend cleaning; it’s possible to overlook the things your guests are going to notice right when they enter your home.

Here’s what your guest first notices about your home

The Scent of Your Home

Decor isn’t the first thing guests notice when they walk through your door — it’s the smell. That first inhale is either met with nice homey smells or nasty smells. Most of us become nose blind to the smells or scent in our home. You become used to the odor, until you take a prolonged break from the particular scent in question. A cleaning service can help a lot. We are not ‘noseblind’ to odors and have the tricks and tools necessary to eliminate household smells.

A Dirty Floor

Nothing is more off-putting than a dirty floor. Not only does it suggest you weren’t ready for your guests’ arrival, it also tells them that you are a person who doesn’t mind living in filth. Make sure you vacuum or at least to a quick sweep before your visitors come. Make sure your floors are clean enough that your guests aren’t scared to walk around without shoes on

The Lack of Clutter

Even if you don’t have time to do a deep cleaning, you can still organize your clutter. Our brains detect clutter right away, which means your guests notice if your home is cluttered, even just a little bit. To make clutter worse, it acts as a shield to hide dust and dirt, making it more difficult to clean your house.

Cleanliness of Your Bathroom

While guests are in your bathroom using your toilet paper and soap, they are going to notice if your toilet has nasty stains in it, or if there’s hairs everywhere—enough to make anyone gag. Nasty things like this can occur in bathrooms that have only gone a week or two without a deep cleaning.

When you hire a housekeeping service you never worry about things getting out of hand. After all, it’s not just toilets, the sink is the second place guests spend time in the bathroom, so make sure the handles, countertops and sink basins are clean, and countertops are wiped down and free of clutter. 

Fresh Clean Bathroom towels

If you’re having overnight guests, make sure each person has at least one clean bath towel and washcloth. Even if your guests aren’t staying the night, having people over can be a reminder to switch out your dirty hand towels.

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