Benefits of Cleaning

Benefits of Cleaning

Cleaning can be an outlet for energy and negative emotions too. Removing dust, dirt and clutter from your environment provides you with a cleaner, more comfortable atmosphere so you can feel happier and more relaxed. You’re more likely to be able to unwind if you feel like your cleaning ‘to-do’ list has been ticked off.

If the average person spends up to 90% of their time indoors, we are breathing in dust mites, pet dander, pollen, mold, bug skeletons, and toxins from such innocuous sources as conventional cleaning products and even chemicals emitted from our own clothing and bedding. These toxins manifest themselves as symptoms most people attribute to allergies such as itchy eyes, runny nose, and wheezing, but which should actually be blamed on an unclean house.

A clean house isn’t just “nice to have,” it’s actually a necessity for good mental and physical health. Researchers tracked the physical health of 998 African Americans between the ages of 49 and 65 — a demographic with a high-risk for heart disease – by comparing their levels of physical activity with the cleanliness of their homes. Those people with the cleanest homes were also the healthiest and most active, according to the study results. In fact, the findings also suggested that encouraging people to maintain their home’s cleanliness may be even more important to their overall health than the workability of the neighborhood they live in.

Regular cleaning your home is an excellent way to relieve stress, stay active, and feel your best by removing the pesky elements lingering in the air. Keeping up with such a rigorous cleaning schedule isn’t exactly easy, though. However, there are a few steps you can take to make this chore less taxing.


The first step to de-cluttering your home is to cut back on the number of things you purchase. If you take a moment to think about it, how many items in your home are simply collecting dust? How many items do you own and never use?

Ultimately, this means doing your daily chores is not only necessary, but also healthy for your mind and body. The next time you’re faced with dusting, folding laundry, or another chore you’d rather procrastinate on, consider the benefit of giving your mind a rest from everything else and focus only on the task at hand. The more you can find satisfaction in little jobs done well, the better your body and mind will feel.

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